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Welcome to IntelliGrants

The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) has launched our new online grants management system to provide our constituents across the state with better access to all CJC grant related opportunities, quarterly/final reporting, and requests for reimbursement. In addition CJC will be using this system for tracking Asset Forfeiture for the Asset Forfeiture Oversight Committee.

Because this is a new online management system, all organizations will need to register with the system.

Steps to Get Started:

For Organizations:

  • The initial registration for your organization must be completed by an Authorized Official (AO) for the organization; i.e. Program Director, Chief, Sheriff, etc.
  • Once the AO registers the organization, they will receive an email Notification of Access Approval from our CJC online systems administrator
  • From that point, the AO can designate access to your organizational account to other staff members as they see appropriate
  • Once your organization is registered in the system, you can apply for grants, complete/submit reports and asset forfeiture forms and submit requests for reimbursement. In addition, you can access online video demonstration of how the site works.
  • (Click here) to register

To visit our official government website click here

We anticipate the Oregon Online Grants System will provide our grantees and future applicants with a one-stop resource hub for all your CJC funding needs.

-The CJC Grant Department